1. If the Internet is REALLY a playground..

    Then it has shitty ass equipment and probably it takes over 4 months to get there. 

    Which brings me to the point of my post. If any of you follow me on Facebook or know me at all, you know what a huge fan I am of 27b/6, which is run by David Thorne. Well way back on June 12th I FINALLY ordered the book “The Internet is a Playground” which is supposedly 256 pages of pure 27b/6 goodness. WELLLLL… as you can see, I’m writing this on October 25th, over FOUR months after I ordered it. I’m still without the book. The book should have already cycled through my friends and I should be raving about it right now. Instead, my boyfriend and a couple of my friends who I have recommended to his site get to listen to me update them weekly or bi-weekly about the fact that I STILL haven’t received it. And on top of all of this, I have emailed him 4 or 5 times and also emailed his vendor, Cafepress, about the matter a couple times. He isn’t responding to me any longer, and Cafepress keeps deferring me as well. Up until a week or so ago, I wasn’t even concerned about any kind of refund; I just wanted my book. Now that he’s completely not responding to me and I’m getting the runaround between he and Cafepress, I think it’s only fair I get some kind of refund. 

    Now apparently, during the time that I ordered my book, he was using a different shipping method and I was lucky enough to place my order during that time. It looks like my book is floating in some kind of limbo where it is lost in some land that no one can find. I know these things happen. And I think I’ve been more than understanding. So now, I am going to post to his facebook everyday and maybe he’ll get tired of hearing from me. 

    Side note: I posted on his facebook at 10:35 PM EST… Another girl did the same thing apparently because she’s in the same situation I am in. She was getting her posts deleted and her friend started posting complaints. It will be interesting to see how long mine stays up. 

    UPDATE: 11:30 PM EST.. on the same night. MY POST WAS DELETED OFF FACEBOOK. Seriously? Okay douche, nice job. 

    2ND UPDATE: Not only did he delete my comment off Facebook, he blocked me from commenting.

    3RD UPDATE: 11/1/10.. Well I’ve been on a roll the last couple of days. I tried to file a claim with PayPal but they closed it almost as soon as I submitted it. Because I had been trying to deal with David directly, I was outside of the timespan, as it seems a lot of other people are. There was a lot of chatter on Twitter about the issues and also found a Facebook page with people having the same issue. It turns out that over 100 people have been in the same situation involving the book not being shipped because of the vendor switch. Sent an email to Kimberly Reynolds (kimberly@27bslash6.com / @iKimbor on Twitter) tonight so we’ll see what happens. So we’ll see where things go from here.

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